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10.25" x 10yd Metallic Puff Ball Mesh-RY820068

10.25" x 10yd Metallic Puff Ball Mesh-RY820068

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Use this metallic puff ball mesh as a fashionable enhancement for your next wreath creation! This versatile mesh is easily adaptable to any display you see fit; colored in lavender and white, it will undoubtedly stand out in any scenario! Add this mesh to a work wreath, garlands, swags, or even trees to wrap your home decor in style! Be sure to pair your mesh with a variety of ribbon and colorful tubing to show off your creative ingenuity!

10 yards (30 feet) long
10.5" long
Fabric mesh stripes in two colors

10-inch wide, 10 yard roll of white faux jute mesh with black stripes on the edges. Deco Mesh is an incredibly versatile material for decorating, wrapping and more. It's inexpensive, it's reusable, and it's weather resistant. It's perfect for decorating indoors or outdoors, although some fading may occur over long periods of direct sun exposure.
Our deco mesh is of the highest quality, and holds its shape beautifully. Whether you're making a wreath, a garland, or a bow, the beautifully full ruffles, curls and poofs that you fix into your design will stay that way. You'll find the edges on our mesh to be clean, so you won't have any loose threads hanging on your creations.


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