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About Us


We are Michelle & Greg Gonzales, Co-owners of Creek Road Designs. We began our journey on owning our own business during a time where most people would not be opening a business...during a worldwide pandemic. In March of 2021, Michelle was watching a local wreath maker do a Facebook Live and it captivated her. Shortly afterwards, she purchased a few supplies online and gave it her best shot at designing her first wreath.  We keep it displayed in the design studio just as a reminder to keep working hard and improving the final product. While the completed wreath was a good attempt, it definitely is a far cry from the designs that are made today.

Once she had the fever for wreathmaking, it wasn't long before she realized where her creative energy would be focused. Michelle came to me and asked if we could use her stimulus money (and mine and our son's) to start a business. It wasn't long afterwards that she was signing up for market and gift shows to show off her designs. 

Michelle's retail management background of over 20 years and an excellent eye for color coordination and detail has provided the company with a wealth of experience that has faired the company well. We are now expanding our business by opening an online store to provide supplies to others who want to follow their dream of owning a business or crafters who just want to create their own wreaths.

Greg's background in manufacturing and design have become a large part of launching the recent addition to our business as we have begun producing our own sublimated signs. We are not only partner's in life, but now in business. If the business doesn't keep us busy enough, we are also proud parents of an energetic 6 year old boy named Anthony. We truly thank everyone for shopping in our store and look forward to serving you.


Michelle & Greg Gonzales